Jenn Taylor, Partner

Information, Process & Technology Systems

Jenn has worked directly with more than 100 nonprofits and educational organizations to help them implement new or transform existing digital systems, adjust processes accordingly, and problem-solve throughout implementation to ensure successful adoption. Through this work she has become dedicated to correcting the sector-wide inefficiencies that are a drain on nonprofit time and resources.

Jenn's areas of expertise are in the design and management of information systems. She has spent the better part of two decades answering questions related to how organizations create, understand, maintain, and trust the information they rely on. Her current focus is humanizing digital systems in the social sector by making them transparent, equitable, effective, and trusted.

Jenn holds an MBA in Nonprofit Management from the Heller School, Brandeis and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Alabama. She co-founded 501Partners, wrote the first few versions of RollCall, and is a co-founder and strategic advisor to Human Centered Apps. She is also a proud alum of TEDxSavannah, mentor for small business owners, author of an ebook about the Data Maturity Model for Nonprofits, and conducts regional workshops on the operational aspects of technology. Her next national presentation is at the Tech Forward conference in September 2019.