Deep Why Workshops

Recent and Upcoming Presentations:

Free 90 Minute Mini-Workshop

For a limited time, Deep Why is offering free 90 minute sessions with Boston-area nonprofits. This is your opportunity to explore how we work and make real progress on a stubborn operational problem. Attendees can expect to learn about and begin to use at least one new tool to clarify operational needs and next steps.

One-Day intensive: Design your Impact

Do you need to add operational efficiencies? Build staff morale around day-to-day processes? Produce more meaningful reports? Frustrated that your efforts haven’t produced results?

Join Deep Why Design to address a process design issue important to your organization. Participants will attend a full-day workshop on May 16 and then receive individualized coaching to move their projects forward.

Taught by: Jenn Bender and Jenn Taylor

Location: 50 Milk Street, Boston, MA

Cost: $300 per person

Day & Time: TBD

Best Practices in Project Management (2 part)

“Where to start! The presenter clarified many topics that I had in question. I look forward to discussing with my organization who we can integrate new ideas into our project plans”…“Made project management seem doable. Gave easy steps/advice that could be implemented quickly.” -workshop participant survey responses

Leading a project from beginning (or middle) to end can be intimidating, particularly at a lean nonprofit where resources and time are constrained.

Effective Technology for Nonprofit Leaders

“The conversations and information gave me lots of ideas and new questions to ask about our current systems.” - workshop participant survey response

This workshop covers a very high-level introduction to how computerized systems work (and why that matters). It offers practical tools to help avoid the kinds of common problems that nonprofits encounter, including misalignment of tools to capacity, getting different systems to talk to each other, and difficulty managing vendors.