Deep Why Projects


Union of Concerned Scientists

Reviewing and designing finance operations that are resilient in the face of change

The Union of Concerned Scientists is a national voice dedicated to solving our planet’s biggest problems through research, analysis, and policy. The Finance Unit of UCS has effectively developed practices and tools to support the organization as it has grown, now engaging nearly 250 staff members, and is considering changes that will provide sustainable support as UCS continues its growth. Deep Why partner Jenn Bender, in collaboration with Juna Financial Solutions, is working to prepare the Finance Unit to support the organization of the future by:

  • Assessing all finance and finance-adjacent functions

  • Identifying strengths, risks, and gaps in the design of finance activities

  • Engaging the team in designing recommendations for sustainability. including team structure, processes, and systems/technologies

Bottom Line sq.png

Bottom Line

Moving from exceptional data capture to democratized data analysis

Bottom Line is a leading college access and college persistence program with sites in Boston, New York, and Chicago. Bottom Line has a truly data-focused culture and wanted to move up the data maturity curve to make more strategic use of this valuable resource. Deep Why partner Jenn Taylor is working with Bottom Line to establish several new practices that create the foundation for a culture of democratized data use. These practices include creating:

  • A data warehouse to replace spreadsheet-driven core program metrics and support more robust analytics

  • Documented data analysis standards that allow Bottom Line to make better use of all types of its data, from transactional to exploratory

  • A data and reporting handbook that is accessible to everyone at the organization

  • New cross-functional database norms and change management mechanisms to ensure the data system remains responsive to a changing world while protecting trusted program metrics, KPIs and other indicators over time



Preparing for a sustainable data system supporting complex grant and program management

South Carolina Service Commission, as part of the United Way Association of South Carolina, supports AmeriCorps programs throughout the state, serving as the leading voice in the state about national service. SCSC has built strong capacity for grant and program management using Salesforce. Deep Why partner Jenn Bender is helping SCSC to develop clarity around system governance, priorities for continued development, and stakeholder engagement in data inputs and use, through:

  • Strengthening grantee input, training, and access to meaningful data

  • Clarifying roles, annual needs, planning, and change management processes to sustain and grow the value generated by data systems

  • Identifying operational misalignments with current processes and designing new approaches