What You Get

Deep Why engagements are customized to each client. We work to clarify and address the root cause problems that lead to your operational ills so that you can spend more time and energy on mission delivery. Some of our target outcomes are:

  • Minimizing wasted time and duplicated effort within and between processes

  • Building understanding and trust in reports and data

  • Implementing new technologies and processes that increase efficiency

  • Setting up new ways for staff to interact with each other

  • Improving understanding, clarity, and documentation around processes

  • Constructing sustainable methods of ongoing change management


When To Engage

You are:

  • Actively embarking on new scale or growth plans, or

  • Adding a new program or technology solution, or

  • Planning or coming out of a major leadership transition, restructuring, or merger, or

  • Wanting to improve the quality and efficiency of your current daily operations

and you:

  • Have completed an engagement with a strategy firm, or

  • Have completed a new strategic planning process, or

  • Are about to complete an engagement with a design firm that will provide artifacts like screen shots, blueprints, and process maps, or

  • Independently decided that you can’t reach your goals with the processes and technologies you have in place right now.

What It Costs

Every organization has different needs, and every project has a different set of factors that influence cost and duration. A major change initiative can take a long time to fully implement.

We know cost is a concern in the nonprofit and education sector, and that major change initiatives can be expensive. We will always be fully transparent in our pricing and work closely with you to help you understand what the costs are and why. We are always happy to break the work into phases and ensure each phase is positioned for success. This way you can still achieve significant momentum within your budget. And we’re always happy to talk with you about anything, so don’t hesitate to ask questions until you’re completely comfortable!

While our structure is a for-profit LLC, we have no shareholders or investors to appease - it’s just the people you see on the homepage. Our prices are aligned with the market rate for strategic and technical professional services to the nonprofit and education sector.

What To Expect

As an operations improvement firm, our work focuses on people, processes, and technology. We partner with our clients to bring those elements together into humanized systems that allow for operational excellence. We play two roles in your organization:

  • the first is to highlight, clarify, guide, facilitate, and remove obstacles that prevent teams from working together effectively toward a goal

  • the second is to project manage, re-envision, create, problem solve, and help you do whatever it takes to ensure your change or improvement initiative doesn’t stall out or fail

We have to see and touch what we’re working on with you and immerse ourselves in your operations to make sure we’re helping you move in a productive and positive direction. We ask a lot of questions, broker a lot of cross-functional conversations, and conduct a lot of whiteboard sessions. And then we execute or ensure the execution stays on track and doesn’t get derailed, depending on your needs.

We combine the practices we’ve found most effective to create an approach with a single focus: creating effective and sustainable operational change in mission-driven organizations. Read about our methods in detail here and by browsing the content on our blog.