Systems for People

Humanize Your Systems for High Impact Operations

Deep Why exists to help organizations transform and humanize their operational systems. In an organization, our operations embody our decisions about who we are and how we interact with everyone, inclusive of funders, employees, constituents, and community partners. When organizations design those interactions and the systems that support them to purposefully reflect their values, they have a bigger impact with their mission.

A system is the collection of rules, roles, and norms that people use to establish processes and utilize technology in the pursuit of a shared goal.

A humanized system is:

  • Clear in its intent, goals, and uses

  • Considered fair and not unduly burdensome by those who use it

  • Transparent in the information it needs and how it uses that information

  • Equitable in its design, execution, and governance; free from unnecessary activities, requirements, or practices that benefit only one party or perpetuate a power imbalance

Humanized systems are:

  • Sustainable: all stakeholders understand the benefits and responsibilities of their engagement with the system

  • Efficient: deliberately designed with a focus on clarity in purpose for each step or activity

  • Effective: deliberately designed to support the actual needs of all parties