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Design Your Impact



Do you need to:

  • Add operational efficiencies?

  • Build staff morale around day-to-day processes?

  • Produce more meaningful reports?

Frustrated that your efforts haven’t produced results?

Join Deep Why Design to address a process design issue important to your organization. Participants will attend a full-day workshop on May 16 and then receive individualized coaching to move their projects forward.

Together, we will focus on operational excellence - how aligning your people, processes, and technology can maximize your ability to achieve strategic goals. This workshop is for senior leaders and managers at nonprofits who want to improve their internal processes, including the way they track contributions, manage program enrollments, gather and use survey data, hire and onboard staff, and more.

This Workshop Will Help You:

  • Reduce inefficiencies and risks, such as bottlenecks and duplicative data entry

  • Engage staff across functions, reducing morale issues and turnover

  • Produce reports that help all stakeholders gain confidence and make decisions

  • Implement plans to manage systems while providing flexibility for change over time

The workshop is designed for a small group of professionals to ensure adequate personalized coaching, and we ask that 2 staff per organization attend so you can apply the content together.

Workshop Details

Group session with demonstrations and plenty of time to apply what you’re learning to a project for your organization; after the workshop you will be able to:

  • Develop a process map that provides clarity about current and desirable future processes

  • Represent people’s roles on a process map, identifying potential obstacles

  • Identify strategies for long-term risk and change management

Three hours of structured coaching on a process design need of your choosing following the workshop, spread across 6 weeks to help you move your initiative forward; through the coaching, your team will:

  • Map all relevant stakeholders and understand their roles in system design and use

  • Define a structured roadmap to complete your process design project

  • Identify tasks and roles important for long-term governance

Cost: $300 per person

Location: 50 Milk Street, Boston, MA

Taught by: Jenn Bender and Jenn Taylor

Day & Time: TBD

Questions? Email us at