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Envisioning Good Systems in the Social Space

Bad Tech is built without regard to the actual needs or jobs of the end users (the data producers), but are required because they benefit someone else entirely (data consumers, usually the bosses and boards who need reports and metrics). What if, starting today, the 4 pillars of system design are that all systems should strive to be transparent, generative, trusted, and equitably owned? Read the full article on

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Why does everybody hate their office computer?

Nobody should ever have to say, "I’ve come to feel that a system that promised to increase my mastery over my work has, instead, increased my work’s mastery over me." But how many people in the world, when they pause to think about their data systems or the processes they follow at work, would say exactly that? And why, in an era of ubiquitous technology, does a physician in one of the best hospital systems in the world share that feeling about a new technology system he has to engage with?

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